Accommodating women

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"A woman might choose a hotel for business travel and then, if she likes it, go back for a weekend stay, or book the room again with the family.

Hotels are starting to realize that when it comes to travel decisions, women are really influential.""We take the entire hotel staff -- from concierge to food and beverage -- and really get them to see their hotel through a woman's eyes.

"Food was also geared to a males, with steaks and burgers first on the menu."Varwig says companies in the travel industry "have done a much better job" catering to women."Airport retail shops provide a large variety of products and services geared toward female travelers," she says.

"Restaurant menus have changed to better, lighter fare.

They want to feel that hotels have taken into consideration their needs as women, and so appreciate the small things that are done to make then feel recognized."They Hyatt hotel group has spent the last 18 months surveying guests in 40 facilitated group discussions around the world on how they can improve their services.

It was the largest guest listening exercise ever conducted by the brand, and it was made up completely of women."Whether it's a family trip, and mom is deciding what hotel to stay in, or it's a travel agent -- most of whom happen to be female.

USA TODAY ROAD WARRIORS: Join our frequent traveler panel Faith Varwig, a security consultant in Olivette, Mo., has traveled frequently on business for more than 30 years and remembers the hardships she encountered.

Hotels and airports didn't carry "any products" for women or families decades ago, she recalls."Try to find a pair of pantyhose in an airport in 1988," she says.

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"Most women are more particular than their male counterparts.

Both are concerned with safety and comfort but these things make more of a difference to women travelers.

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"Women are nearing half of all business travelers, and they make up 85% of purchase choices in the household," says Carolyn Pearson, the founder of, a website that connects female business travelers across the globe and rates femme-friendly hotel brands.

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