Ashley greene admits to dating jackson rathbone

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Make sure to wish Sam a happy birthday through twitter, @samclaflin, and use the hashtag #Happy Birthday Sam Claflin! (source) It’s strange, perhaps, to hear an actor express gratitude for a character not being complex.It’s usually the opposite: you’ll hear about how much depth was offered, how much there was to explore. It’s fair to say that i, as a Sam Claflin fan, am very proud of what Sam has accomplished so far in his career. Sam is turning 31 years old today and we wish him the best day ever, surrounded by the people he loves the most.Jackson and Ashley’s on-screen romance (as Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale) is one of the series’ most popular pairings (aside from Bella and Edward, of course).The pair have even earned a celeb-like relationship name from fans (Jalice) and have been the subject of numerous fan-made videos.

Last night's Sherlock finale might have divided viewers - but the writers managed to dazzle fans with some characteristically intriguing 'Easter eggs'.

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There was also a flashback to the fateful Reichenbach Falls - where Sherlock had a memorable stand-off with his arch-nemesis Moriarty and tumbled to his death in the original story - while, in the closing scene, a mysterious Viking lying on the floor on 221B Baker Street turned out to be none other than music legend Paul Weller.

The writers also gave a subtle nod to Basil Rathbone - considered by many as the quintessential Sherlock - as they showed the detective and his right-hand man Dr Watson emerging from a building called Rathbone Place.

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