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With the information presented in this guide, one can progress quickly to an advanced stage of tea-making in this traditional and ancient art. When I first moved to North America from Hong Kong, local friends would invite me to their homes for tea.

I would watch them bring out their large big teapot, throw in some tea leaves, add boiling water and let the leaves steep until the brew was very strong.

i really en joyed " on the way to the airport" for me it was the best drama I've watched in 2016. And yes,this weeks im still having my exams but i can't take it unless to watch the dramas. He is my favorite korean celebrity, hope someday he'll meet some one very special. And I'm continue watch the "Seoyeong my daughter " . From here on will keep and waiting your new movies. I like his acting at the OTWTTA..eyes says everything. That character really make me to watch all drama/ movie/show that youre in.

currently i am enjoying "whisper" such an amazing drama!! At the mean time keep up the good acting skill, good work and keep on smiling??? Watching "Whisper" and his part in this new drama is made for him. I can't believe it you doing such a great job with lee bo young . Hopefully he has the same kind heart in a real life...

When the tea got too strong, they would simply add more water and repeat the process until the leaves had no more flavour.

They were surprised to learn that this is how most Chinese drink tea as well!

i'M watching wisper now and hoping for an excellent romantic ending with Lee Bo Young. U or I actually feel the pain, disappointment, frustration, anger he's going through. I am watching now The Duo..will watch more of his series... I have just finished watching "Twenty Again" and I'm impressed with the acting of Lee Sang Yoon.

I saw Kim Ha Neul in A Gentleman's Dignity and is a good actress,too. Jeju Island is so inviting with beautiful views good for tourism. Is the first time I'm watching your movie on "on the way to airport ". I was happy here in Canada,of course, but, I think you might have made some Alps come alive with the Sound Of Music.

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The Electric Slide is one of the most commonly-learned line dances. This guide will introduce you to the Chinese method of tea-making, called "Gong Fu Cha" - "Tea With Great Skill".Unlike wine drinkers who learn about vines and vintages, the tea-maker must make what they drink, which requires not just knowledge but skill in selecting and using their tools.In this way it is possible to get the maximum flavour consistently from the maximum number of brews that a tea can make.It is not a ceremony as with the well known Japanese Cha No Yu tradition with all its symbolism, but a procedure of practical steps where everything involved has a functional purpose to make a tea taste as good as possible. The Quality and Type Of Teapot At a more advanced level, add: Selecting a Teapot Advanced Brewing Technique Quality of Water Seasoning a New Teapot Quality Of The Tea As the economy of China has grown, so has its tea industry.

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