Dating someone with ocd obsessive compulsive Meet hot girls for sex no registration

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My Issue: dating someone with this OCD is extremely difficult.We have a compassionate, respectful, supporting love and we are best friends.Everything has to be their own way and if you do it wrong, you will have to be ready to take in a lot of nagging.They are literally cleanliness freaks and unless everything from their nails to their apartment’s far corner is absolutely dust free, disinfected and bleached; they can’t rest.He loves his wife dearly and he believes she is great for him and an excellent mother.He also thinks his wife, an IT consultant, is very intelligent. He can’t stop thinking that he could have found a better partner.Jeffery looks at other woman, listens to them, and compares them to his wife.Hey, this is my first post so thanks for taking time to read it.

Until and unless each to-do list is thoroughly and to their satisfaction completed, they can’t cuddle with you. Leave it to your sweetheart to make plans, do reservations and pick the movies, because they have it all under their control.I am 23, dating my boyfriend (25) for the last 3 years. Then, three months ago he was diagnosed with OCD (Intrusive negative thoughts) and after extensive research it has literally explained every problem we've encountered since we have met.He currently sees a therapist every two weeks who started him on 20mg of Prozac which he has also been on for three weeks now.They have a fixed routine that nothing can ever bend or break; not even you.And if you try to, there will be a meltdown and you can never be too ready for it.

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