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The function checks if the current user is in the system or not.

If not the user ID will be added to the list, creating a record with the email and the user Id.

When and Where: Tu/Thu - 420-040 (basement of Jordan Hall next to Thai Cafe) Textbook: none, we'll use free online pdf chapters Coming to class: mostly required, even though this is a flipped class Details: below.

You are responsible for reading this entire syllabus before class Thursday Jan 12! If you have a question that is not confidential or personal, post it on the Piazza forum - responses tend to be quicker and have a wider audience.

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Learn how to make sense of it and how to interact with humans via language, from answering questions to giving advice!We can not reply to email sent to individual staff members.If you have a matter to be discussed privately, please come to office hours, or use [email protected] make an appointment.Connect and collaborate across the globe with Web Ex Meetings.In this course, author and webinar specialist Sally Norred shows you how to use Web Ex Meetings to host, run, and record online meetings.

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