Hib dating

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Every once in a while I'd lock my door and thumb through it in bed, reading about what to expect over the years as the virus would tax my immune system.In more courageous moments, I'd delve deeper, opening a private browser on my laptop to search things like "how to tell boyfriend about HIV" or "HIV pregnancy." I'd then been dating the same man on and off for two years and thought I'd unknowingly given him HIV.There is no cure for AIDS and ART won’t get rid of HIV infection, but it can help you live a full, healthy life.

But I knew I wasn't okay, and felt that keeping my inner trauma a secret was going to make me explode like a shaken pop can.

” Back in the days, when the first cases of HIV and AIDS occurred, not all transmission factors were known. Health officials were shouting and screaming for people to change their ways. And if you had HIV, you were bound to have AIDS, right? If Bella had been HIV , Edward may not be so happy these days (mind, what does he care, he’s dead anyway. I didn’t watch past the first one.)If I were to pour my blood into your veins, yeah you should be scared.

But, practically speaking, even though it sounds like a hell of an evening, when do relationships/sex EVER involve smearing blood?

He had a young daughter from a previous relationship, and in my mind I'd deprived her of a healthy dad by not getting tested for HIV beforehand.

It turned out that my boyfriend had known even before he met me that he was HIV but kept it from me.

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