Laura breckenridge dating

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She's a mother with a bohemian spirit, and a talented artist.AMC declined comment other than to say the casting breakdown — and character name — may both likely be a placeholder.

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This included the commercially successful Dawson's Creek and various supporting roles in several B movies and short films.Then she studied for sometimes continuing on her acting career as well.After taking a gap of nearly 4 years from her studies, she returned to Princeton University for completing her degree.A source tells Us Weekly Hoover and Blackburn are "dating and having fun" adding the blonde, who resembles his ex-fling and costar Benson, recently moved to Los Angeles and is "a lot of fun" and a "total free spirit." (Benson and Blackburn, who played on-screen lovers Hannah and Caleb on , briefly dated in 2013 while Benson was on a break with longtime boyfriend Ryan Good.) PHOTOS: Before they were on Pretty Little Liars Blackburn proved there are no hard feelings between Benson and he, sharing a snap of all three ladies tanning next to one another in their bikinis on July 1 with the caption "Vacation" along with an emoji checkmark.The group also enjoyed each other's company, playing in the ocean together.

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