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That's why we tapped author and iconic Portland dancer Elle Stanger to descend the mountain -- er, pole -- and give us the 10 Strip Club Commandments.I am the stripper, thy entertainer, who brought you out of your house of boredom, and thou shall have no other distractions before me.Strip clubs are like temples, except instead of religious iconography, they happen to be full of beautiful women and booze.And like a temple, there are certain guiding principles that one must respect, lest you're denied the earthly pleasures therein.After they met, they swiftly disrobed, with both Danielle and Richie choosing to peel off to their birthday suits live in studio.The chemistry was electric, and it became VERY obvious just how much they liked each other when they shared a kiss right there in front of Kyle and Jackie O.Yesterday we met two gorgeous people, Danielle and Richie for our new segment, Naked Dating.Both single, both gorgeous, and both lovely people - they seemed like a perfect match just looking at each other, turns out we didn’t realise just how suited they were.

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9 that her skin was “just on fire,” as if it were burning. “But there was a lot of stuff I didn’t have control over.Daniel Rajcsanyi, who goes by "Dani," is a 20-year-old openly gay German snowboarder from Munich and a free spirit.In his bio on the Isenseven snowboarding site, he describes some of his hobbies as "playing World of Warcraft, speed dating and wanking." So it's not a surprise that he would film a video of himself snowboarding naked -- and show himself doing a header into a pile of snow; talk about "shrinkage." The video, "German Sausage," was shot last year in the Netherlands as he was shooting videos for entry in the Nike Chosen competition.Like, it just felt unreal.” Campillo was not available for interviews, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office a VH1 reality show (remember when VH1 was a station for Kenny Rogers videos?

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