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In most cases, the disk utility is vigorous enough to verify & repair your Apple hard drive.

But if the HFS hard drive is beyond the repair scope of disk utility, then it means the directory structure of the drive is severely corrupt.

There are many step-by-step guides on the internet that explain how to add an SSD to an existing Mac, and create a 'Fusion Drive' that has the speed of an SSD, but also the capacity of a Hard Drive.

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mac 10.12.4 Seagate backup plus ultra slim paragon NTFS for mac v14.2.288 after using the drive for just a few hours, it needs repair but repair fails: - in the paragon control panel, verify reports "This disk needs to be repaired.It turns out that Apple's Core Storage technology is more flexible than these walkthroughs give on.You can enroll an individual partition of a drive in a Fusion Drive, instead of the whole drive. I've been unsuccessfully trying to reformat a drive from Ex FAT to Ext2 for a couple of days and the program keeps hanging on "writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information." Could I be doing something wrong?The above message doesn’t show up in normal circumstances of disk errors.

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