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Although some people will, indeed, treat you like the baby of the group, you're just as smart and strong as the rest of your friends — you just prefer smiling your way to your victories.

You can also search for others who are currently broadcasting live, and with a active subscription view replays of their live broadcasts.

You have the most open mind out of everyone you know and are willing to try anything once, never thinking twice when it comes to taking swift action, regardless of how rash or crazy those decisions may be.

Because you have a quick wit and zero filter, some might be fast to label you as "the bitchy one," and although you attract your fair share of drama, you simply aren't afraid to say what's on your mind and stand up for what you believe in.

Your agreeable and trusting disposition makes new acquaintances easy to come by, though you sometimes find it difficult to handle conflict and truly value the idea of loving over fighting.

Bottom line: Most people adore you and will protect you at all costs.

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