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According to Sriskandarajah, indecent exposure must require three elements: * Exposure.

Displaying your private parts (breast-feeding doesn't count). The question that plagued the Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson Superbowl flap. The nudity must be accompanied by an obscene act to be considered "indecent." In Virginia, a person can be convicted of indecent exposure even if the exposure occurred inside their own home—-as long as they got naked, deliberately revealed that nudity to passersby, and, like, grabbed their genitals or something.

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But he said: “I’ve been stupid, but absolutely nothing happened. It was just horny talk really.”Dr Christian boasted to the stranger about using mephedrone, the date-rape drug GHB and cannabis.

The statute lists windows, doors, apertures, holes, cracks, or any "other similar opening through which a person can see" as acceptable peepholes. If the peeping is occurring outside a residence—-like in a "restroom, dressing room, locker room, hotel room, motel room, tanning bed, tanning booth, [or] bedroom"—-you still gotta peep through cracks and holes.

But this time, you gotta be seeing something naked.

Ever wondered exactly what you have to do with your penis to be charged with indecent exposure in Virginia? In a online chat yesterday, Fairfax attorney Atchuthan Sriskandarajah administered a quick legal lesson on the peculiarities of Virginia's sex statutes.

Need to know what sort of aperture you have to be looking through in order to be convicted of peeping? Last week, 29-year-old Eric Williamson was charged with indecent exposure after "a woman and her 7-year-old son walked by his Springfield house and saw him, through the window, naked." The woman claims she was walking her son to school one morning when Williamson presented his naked body to her not once, but twice—-first "standing nude in the doorway, " and then "through a large window that appeared to have no drapes." She called the police. Can a person indecently expose themselves from the privacy of their own home?

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