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In 2010 Polina starred in the independent horror film Echap.In 2011 she appeared in two television documentaries about adult industry, France 2’s Le Rhabillage and Direct 8’s Star du X, comment en sortir indemne ? In April 2012 she appeared in a campaign for the breast cancer prevention.She had me totally fooled and scratching my head why I watched this movie when, by chance, I glanced at the credits and saw her name. It appears that the star and every other transsexual in the movie is a female... She works for a morning television show and her boyfriend, Eddie (Deigo Serrano), is the anchor. When his friends at the store find out he is 40 years old and still a virgin, they make it their mission to get him laid.At one point, they have a reversal theme show where the whole staff comes in crossdressed, to include the backstage and camera operators! In a classic move, the set him up with a prostitute (Jazzmun) who turns out to be a transvestite.Named in the honor of two great former Tiger Head Coaches, Rex Dockery and Larry Finch.Any post that does not deal with the Tigers, the American Athletic Conference (and teams), and the University of Memphis, or meaningful talk about our out-of-conference opponents *MAY* be moved to a more appropriate forum at moderator/admin discretion.

It's a rather bizarre movie that doesn't quite fit together right.

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Discovered the Bernoulli Effect explaining how aircraft wings generate lift; formulated a kinetic theory relating particle speeds in gases to temperature; made major discoveries in the theory of risk.

Founded quantum mechanics when he remodeled the atom so electrons occupied ‘allowed’ orbits around the nucleus while all other orbits were forbidden; architect of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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