Trouble updating avg

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Albies crushed the ball in June, and it's carried over to the (very) early stage of July, as well.

The fact that he's hitting for average and power now is scary, especially when you combine it with that plus-plus speed.

Action: Rewrite the trigger (or function) so it does not read that table.

I had figured out that Zonealarm was the culprit but couldnt see any instances in the program control section of AVG installer being blocked.

Thanks again Alan for saving me a lot of time and trouble.

I have been using this program for years now and havent seen anything bad about it, except dat sometimes updates dont want to download, but its easy to use it than other anti-viruses which are way more complicated to use and to find updates, I recommend AVG to every person with a PC @ home or schools too.

You can remove FOR EACH ROW or use the data in : New to do the calculation (if possible) and then make the update.

In your case it will make more sense to use separate table to have the avg_grade per semester.

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