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He made his debut in the movies from “Made in Britain” in 1983.

In 1984, he played one of the popular movies of the decade “The Hit” from which he was nominated for BAFTA Award for Best Newcomer.

It must be a tough thing for somebody in the public eye to admit to, but he has never allowed it to destroy him and he has continued to build a strong career.

“I have a bad time between jobs because I'm always convinced I'll never work again.

Roth is a British guy, working class Brit, actually, and he currently lives in LA full-time with his wife and kids.

Unfortunately, some of our celebrities are rape survivors too.Read the stories of the 12 celebrities (male and female) who were sexually assaulted during their younger years.Tim Roth was raped by a family member when he was a kid and back in England.Dalton was born in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, to an English father, who was a captain in the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War and was an advertising executive at the time of his son's birth, and an American mother of Italian and Irish descent.Before his fourth birthday, the family moved back to England to Belper in Derbyshire.

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