Zodiac scorpio dating

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Two Scorpios will vie for the same role in a relationship: they both will want to dominate, be right, and are often too proud to compromise.When there’s a fight, they both might go insular and retreat into loner territory, waiting to see who gives in first.

If you’re involved with a Scorpio-- someone born from late October to late November-- you have really got your hands full.

A chance to chat about everything under the Sun warms the Gemini heart.

This can happen anywhere, but it helps if the setting is stimulating, as well.

However, this just reveals one aspect of your personality.

The main reason why you are perceived as an intense lover and as a skilled lover is because you’re a very intense person all-around. It is this level of intensity that truly defines the Scorpio personality. You’re not intense for money, you’re not greedy, you’re not overly ambitious and you are not driven by material gain.

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